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mes. He said, stroking her dark hair: “I am only a poor old bankrupt Marchand de Bonheur!” “You will be Marchand de Bonheur to the end,” she said, and with total want of logical relevance she added: “See w


hat happiness you have brought me to-night.” “At any rate, my dear,” said he, “we have found each other at last.” She went to bed and lay awake till dawn looking at a new world of wrong doing, suffering an


d heroism. Who was she, humble little girl, living her sequestered life, to judge men by the superficialities of their known actions? She had judged her father almost to the catastrophe of love. She had judged Ma


rtin bitterly. What did she know of the riot in his soul? Now he was offering his life for a splendid ideal. She felt humble beside her conception of him. And her Uncle Gaspard, great, tender, adored, was lying f


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new faith in man. A day or two later she received a wild letter from Corinna Hastings. Corinna’s letters were as frequent as blackberries in March. Félise knitted her brows over it for a long time. Then she took it to her father. “The sense,” she said, “must lie in the scrabble I can’t make out.” Fortinbras put on his spectacles and when, not without difficulty, he had deciphered it, he took off the specta

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osom of her family, Corinna was eating her heart out. During the latter days of June she had returned to the fold, an impecunious failure. As a matter of theory she had upheld the principles of woman suffrage. As a matter of practice, in the effort to obtain it, she loathed it with bitter hatred. She lacked the inspiration of its overwhelming importance in sublunary affairs. She was willing enough to do ordinary work

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ent and hunger, striking, Corinna revolted. She had neither the conviction nor the courage. Miss Banditch reviled her for a recreant, a snake in the grass and a spineless doll and left the flat, forswearing her acquaintance for ever. Headquarters signified disapproval of her pusillanimity. Driven to desperation she signified her disapproval of Headquarters in unmeasured terms. The end came and prospective starvation

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drove her home to Wendlebury. When the war bro

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